Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone

In Sierra Leone Children's Hope Fund Hong Kong is fighting against Ebola with education and medical care.  Essential requirements include a solid school system and health care. With shipments of gifts in kind, we support schools and hospitals that provide measures for the prevention of Ebola and medical care. Disinfectants, medical devices, medicines, clothing and other useful gifts in kind are distributed directly in cooperation with local partners. 
Sierra Leone Kinder


During the 10-year civil war, tens of thousands of children were physically and mentally abused as child soldiers.
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Sierra Leone Medizinische Hilfe


After the devastating Ebola outbreak in 2014, Sierra Leone is still in a bitter crisis.
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Sierra Leone Schulbildung

Feeding for school kids

Children need a nutritious meal to be able to learn. Free school meals give a reason to go to school.

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Water tanks for Sierra Leone CHF-HK

Natural disaster 

Due to the aftermath of the recent flooding several communities were badly hit with this natural catastrophe.

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