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What we do

Turkey-Syria earthquake: Please help rebuild their lives

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Children's Hope Fund Hong Kong provides development aid with the following main focuses: community development, child protection, disaster response and health. The primary beneficiaries of our services are children and their families, whom we reach through small, local facilities that can provide personal assistance at a high level.
earthquake Turkey Syria


Thousands of children, women and men are suffering in the bitter cold – either homeless or too afraid to go home, with aftershocks shaking the earth and their nerves. Please give whatever you can spare to help them rebuild their lives.

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Orphans in DRC

Worldwide support

Thank you for helping us to make a huge difference to thousands of children,  especially in Africa. This has been our year to remain "steadfast in the storm", true to our mission. It makes me grateful for the caring people who understand the challenges around our world.

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hungry child Ukraine

Children in Ukraine still need your help!

Children are the main victims of the war in Ukraine. Their need has never been so great. There is a lack of everything. Please help to get life-saving medicines, food, new mattresses and also simple things like towels, soap and toilet paper to the children.

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Malnutrition Program Dr Congo suffering children

suffering from hunger

Three entire crop seasons have been lost and there is widespread food insecurity in Congo. Many children and their families have lost their homes and livelihoods due to civil war. Countless children are so badly malnourished that they are at risk of death.

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refugee camp uganda

Appeal for 125 surgeries

Together with our dedicated partner in Uganda, our local medical team and the local hospital we have the mission to perform 125 life-saving operations in two weeks, to save the lives of seriously ill children and adults in the Adjumani refugee camp in Uganda. 

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Save Lives in DR Congo

If children in DR Congo are seriously ill, they are particularly at risk, especially since destitute families cannot afford surgery. Unfortunately, many children without proper medical treatment have to suffer a long ordeal and die an agonizing death.

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Meals for Miracles

Please help provide emergency meals to needy children in Africa. Children in refugee camps in South Sudan often go without food sometimes for days. Many are suffering from acute malnutrition, others are literally on the brink of starving to death.

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Contaminated water

In Cambodia, contaminated water is a big problem in many communities. Children and weakened, vulnerable people are at particular risk of contracting water borne diseases such as diarrhea, cholera and other life-threatening illnesses.

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Support for the future

For whom it is important to make sure that even after their death, life-saving aid for at-risk children will continue to be financed with their wealth, they can remember an organization like Children's Hope Fund Hong Kong in their last will and testament. 

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Children's Hope Fund Hong Kong

"Helping those who can not help themselves is my biggest aim." This basic idea accompanied Joel MacCollam for over 30 years with the aim of helping the poorest of the poor. He founded A CHILD’S HOPE FUND in the USA, the first of nine international charities including Children’s Hope Fund Hong Kong, Ltd. Our CEO Kristy Scott continues his heritage, in his spirit. Her vision is also to help children and their families, who live in poverty, suffer from illnesses, are persecuted or have fallen victim to misfortune.