Dirty water is a major problem for many communities in Cambodia. This is especially true for poor rural people who have to survive on the equivalent of HK$8 a day and can’t afford to buy bottled water. Children, the weak and vulnerable are particularly at risk from water-borne diseases such as diarrhea, cholera and other life-threatening sicknesses.

Clean water for Cambodia

​Children’s Hope Fund brings our lifesaving work to Cambodia

Children’s Hope Fund cannot stand by and watch children suffer, so we urgently need to help fund a vital water filter project in Kompong Phluk in Siem Reap Province. With the support of our wonderful donors, we aim to give 400 families simple but highly effective water filters that will provide their households with safe, clean, fresh water.     
This will help prevent dangerous diseases, protect children’s health and means they can focus on their schoolwork rather than gathering firewood to boil water. With your help we can save children’s lives, protect the environment and make sure children can focus more on their education. Your continued support is greatly appreciated.

Further support in Cambodia:
School education
Medical aid