Aid relief after Ebola

The Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone of recent years may have been overcome, but the country is still reeling from the devastating effects that touched every aspect of the people’s lives.
Thousands of people lost their lives, leaving many children orphaned and others without homes as they had to be destroyed to control and eliminate the disease. 

Kinder in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone: a country struggling to recover after Ebola.

But the epidemic also had a wider impact on an already poverty-stricken country. The health system, farms, livelihoods and the whole economic and social fabric of everyday life were devastated, with thousands of people still suffering from serious medical conditions as a direct consequence of the outbreak.
Many orphans and vulnerable children continue to face a daily struggle for food and everyday supplies. Children's Hope Fund Hong Kong will continue to send shipments of food, medical and hygiene supplies to help the children in greatest need. Your continued support is greatly appreciated.

Bringing relief and fresh hope to the children

Working on behalf of our wonderful supporters, Children's Hope Fund Hong Kong continues to provide vital support to the children and families most affected by the after-effects of the Ebola epidemic.
Our emergency shipments mainly include food and medicines. But we also send essential hygiene supplies to protect homes, orphanages and communities against further possible outbreaks of Ebola or any other life-threatening sicknesses and diseases. This is helping to save and protect young lives.
It may well take a generation for the country to fully recover from the effects of Ebola. We will continue to be there for the orphans and vulnerable children in greatest need.

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