Meals for miracles

With our Meals for Miracles campaign for 2019 and 2020, we focus on thousands of children in Africa who are constantly being deprived of food. Our supplies of vitamin enriched soups and rice or soybean meals enable orphanages, schools, clinics and communities to protect children from disease and malnutrition and provide a brighter future for them. With your gift, we will be able to continue with our work to give these children hope for future perspectives. Thank you!
South Sudan feeding refugees

Food for refugee children

Children in South Sudan refugee camps often go without food sometimes for days. Many are suffering from acute malnutrition, others are literally on the brink of starving to death.

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food for needy people in Malawi

Malawi emergency meals

In Malawi children have already gone through more than a child should ever go through in life. They had to survive periods of drought, food shortages and disease of unimaginable proportions.

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Feeding in Sierra Leone

Meals for school kids

To have the energy to learn, children need a fortifying meal. We ship nutritious dry soups or rice packages to Sierra Leone that children can get one warm meal a day at school for free.

How you can help

Help orphans in DR Congo

Children's Hope Fund supports an orphanage in DRCongo close to the clinic of Dr. John. We provide emergency food and supplies to help feed all children with a hot meal a day.

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