Supporting a lifesaving Malnutrition Program

The entire Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is still reeling from the brutal civil war that has caused a major breakdown in the country's infrastructure. Three entire crop seasons have been lost and there is widespread food insecurity. Many children and their families have been displaced, losing their homes,  livelihoods and children's schooling. Medical facilities have been decimated, leaving killer diseases to present further dangers to weakened little bodies. 
Malnutrition Program DR Congo

Saving lives child by child

​Countless children are so badly malnourished that they are at risk of death. Thanks to the wonderful support of donors like you, our long-term malnutrition program led by our partner Dr Luna, is helping to nurture children back to full health. It's a long process that takes many months of expert nutritional and medical care, but children's lives are being saved!
In addition to all this, the Ebola killer disease has again taken hold in DRC, is spreading like wildfire and has already claimed over 2,167 lives, with many thousands more infected.
Your continued support for our lifesaving work is greatly appreciated.
We are thankful for your precious gift.

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