education through water

Collecting funnels connected to water tanks are installed on churches and schools. Through short, but very heavy rains, the large water tanks fill up with rainwater within 2-3 days. The power of the rain could easily fill more tanks. The collected water is mainly used as drinking water.

water at schools Kenya
Many parents can send their children back to school because the water supply to the families is ensured by the water tanks.
Clean drinking water also reduces many diseases and improves hygiene and health conditions. Access to drinking water in the village relieves mothers and children. They are responsible for digging for water or getting water in remote areas. With the new collection containers, the mothers can again deal with their domestic tasks and the children are allowed to go back to school.

Since the beginning of the year, we have installed three such tanks in Kiwanza and Tumbuni. The children and parents are coming in droves to the tanks, which are currently being filled by the extreme drought of water tankers with 10,000 liters of fresh water. Our goal is to complete three more under construction water tank projects in Ukasi, Musovo and Kathungu to provide a secure water supply to other students, families and village communities.

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